His Name is Helcurt: Mastering the Shadows

His name is Helcurt, and he brings darkness to the Land of Dawn when he comes out of the Abyss. To get the most out of this dangerous attacker in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, learn the best ways to build and play.

His Name is Helcurt: Get to know Helcurt, the Shadowbringer.

Helcurt is a pick-off hero who can move quickly and deal a lot of damage all at once. Enemies get lost when he plunges the map into darkness, which makes it easier for him to kill them. To play Helcurt well, you need to plan how to use your skills, be good at timing, and have a strong sense of when to attack.

His Name is Helcurt: A Look at Helcurt’s Skills

Don’t do anything—race advantage:

  • When foes use control effects on Helcurt, it silences them for a short time.
  • Perfect for getting out of sticky situations and playing rough.

First Skill: Moving from one shadow to another:

  • Blinks to a certain spot, dealing damage and slowing foes down.
  • You can use it to hit from behind, get away, or fight as a team.
  • Accurate time and knowledge of the map make it work better.
  • Killing Stinger is the second skill.
  • As a passive, each basic move gives them Deadly Stingers.
  • Active: All Stingers are fired, causing physical damage and slowing down enemies.
  • Shadow Transition can be used together to kill soft foes.
  • Great for clearing out camps and securing targets as a jungler.

The best – Dark Night Falls:

  • Calls up the Dark Night, which hides enemies from view and speeds up your attacks and movements.
  • Throws the map into darkness, making enemies lose their bearings.
  • You can use it to fight in a coordinated way or to defend against an attack.

His Name is Helcurt: Putting together the best build

To get the most out of Helcurt, think about this build:

Important Things:

  • When you use Blade of Despair, your Physical Attack goes up and foes with low health take extra damage.
  • Swift Boots: Increases Attack Speed so you can kill enemies faster.

What’s going on:

  • Endless Battle: It gives you more real hurt and health.
  • The Windtalker boosts both attack and movement speed.

Ways to be successful

Assassin Method:

  • Take advantage of Helcurt’s silence to get away and fight aggressively.
  • Shadow Transition and Deadly Stinger work best when combined to do the most damage.

Handle the map:

  • Use Dark Night Falls strategically to throw off enemies and make team strikes stronger.
  • Cut down on your enemies’ sight range to catch them off guard.

In conclusion

To get good at Helcurt in Mobile Legends, you need skill, timing, and planning. Make sure your build and skills are at their best so they have the most effect, whether you’re sneaking up on enemies or throwing the map into darkness. You can become a powerful shadow in the VTBET Land of Dawn if you do things the right way.