Cici a new Fighter: Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) adds Cici a new Fighter hero who is ready to take over the EXP Lane. Because of her special skills, Cici is a very strong player in the meta. We’ll talk about her skills, the best way to build her, and the updated badges that will help her reach her full potential in this guide.

Cici a new Fighter: What Cici Can Do

Cici a new Fighter: Passive: Joy for the Performer

When Cici does damage, she gets more stacks of Delight. When these stacks are full, they double the benefits of her Movement Speed and Spell Vamp, going up to ten times stronger.

The first skill is Yo-Yo Blitz.

Cici throws her Yo-Yo at the nearest enemy, putting heroes first. The amount of Physical Damage this move does is based on the target’s Max HP. During this attack, Cici can move and use other skills, which makes her a powerful player. In addition, the skill does 20% more damage to Minions.

Cici a new Fighter: Skill 2: Bouncing on air

Cici can jump to a certain spot and then jump again if she lands on any unit (except for Turrets and Base). The enemy takes damage from the first jump if it hits them.

Last: The curtain call

Cici’s ultimate move is to throw her Yo-Yo at an enemy hero, which connects them to another enemy hero close. This hurts the targets physically, slows them down, and pulls them together. Cici can use Yo-Yo Blitz to hit both linked targets at the same time during this time. If there is only one in range, she attacks twice, but the second hit does less damage.

Cici a new Fighter: The best build for Ci`

To get the most out of Cici, you need to carefully craft her build. Here’s a build that you might like:

  • Bloodlust Axe: Improves Spell Vamp, which helps Cici stay alive during long fights.
  • Warrior boots: improves physical defense and makes things last longer.
  • Endless Battle: Increases Cici’s power and makes her more likely to survive.
  • The Brute Force Breastplate makes physical attacks stronger and defenses better.
  • Blade of Despair: A physical attack that does more damage to enemies with low health.
  • Gives Cici a second chance by bringing her back to life after she dies.

Cici a new Fighter: Changed the emblems

Picking the right symbols can have a big effect on how well Cici does. Take a look at these logo options:

  • Fighter Emblem: Give upgrades that improve physical attack and longevity the most attention.
  • The Bravery Talent makes physical attacks stronger, giving you more weapons.
  • Invasion Talent: This talent makes it easier for Cici to get through protected enemies.
  • Advice on how to play Cici
  • Learn how to use the Yo-Yo Blitz skill to poke enemies and do the most damage possible.
  • Use Buoyant Bounce to move around and learn how to make jumps to surprise enemies and get kills.
  • Plan with Curtain Call: timing is very important. You can start team fights or surprise enemies with Curtain Call.
  • Performer’s Delight: Fight to get the most stacks, which will make Cici’s Movement Speed and Spell Vamp better.

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can make Cici an unstoppable force by learning about her skills. Building BETSLOT carefully, and picking the right emblems. Bring out your inner yo-yo fighter and take the battlefield with style!